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The Value of B2B Industry Expertise

Industry Experience

Throughout our 17 years of industry dedication, plus an additional 16 years of our founder’s industry experience, we continue to get asked regularly about whom we know. The questions are always based on enabling introductions; and it’s not just about our core value of professional recruitment; it’s broader than that:

#1 –Do you know of a rep that can handle our product line?

#2 –What kind of distributors do you know that could help us?

#3 –Who do you know that could introduce me to IMark or AD or NEMA or NECA?

#4 –Do you know an electrical contractor that does residential, commercial or line work, etc?


We’ve been able to meet a lot people and companies in our 17+ yrs. We’re proud of those connections and of our ability to introduce people to other people. We’ve introduced hundreds of people to other people on the sheer basis of offering free advice or assistance. As we’ve grown our own database of industry contacts to over 110,000 people, we decided to formally launch a B2B service to the industry. Our ‘industry’ is the electrical industry: lighting, wire/cable, power distribution, electrical distributors, construction supplies, controls, reps, and service organizations.

We have launched a separate company that is in the business of enabling industry introductions.

Electriconnect was launched one month ago. It is an interactive database of over 20,000 distributor locations, 900 independent rep agencies, 1,500+ specifying firms (lighting design firms, MEP firms, AE firms, etc.). Each data entry lists the key executive (principal, branch manager or managing partner). In most cases, it also gives you the email address of the key executive, plus link to the company website and phone number; where available. This is a fully curated list of contacts; every company and name has been personally loaded into that database.

How does it work?

Electriconnect allows you to search by geography; with a simple zip code you can search any of the three categories currently in the database (more categories to follow), within a radius of your choice. You enter a zip, select a category (distributor, rep or specifier) and run the search. Your results are then viewable by company and executive contact. You can then select as many contacts as you would like and put them into a project folder. Once in the folder, you can call or email contacts directly out of ElectriConnect. Send them a product brochure or a simple email inviting them to connect with you. Schedule a meeting at a trade show (Lightfair is three weeks away!) or when you’re traveling into the territory.

Who would use this?

ANY sales executive, sales person or business owner that wants to develop a relationship within the current categories of business. Let’s take examples:

#1 –You want to add a rep, or change a rep. You’ve planned a trip to a territory to call on the reps you’ve already heard of. But why not meet the ones you’ve not heard of? You can email and/or call any rep in that territory and introduce yourself to set up a meeting. You may want to identify a rep that sells to a different customer base (utilities, residential, showrooms, commercial, etc.) You can’t ‘google’ reps and find them, but with over 900 in electriconnect, we’ve identified them by their key line, by their market focus (niche lighting, specification lines, power equipment, showroom, electronic, OEM, etc.) Everybody ‘knows’ the top 5 reps, but that’s about 15% of the reps that are in electriconnect. The rest are rep firms you don’t know; who have their own customer base and/or niche solution to the market.

#2 –You need broader distribution. Your usual trip to a territory generally results in calling on the same distributors that you’ve met in the past. Based on your product line, there are always other distributors that you’ve not met. Do a radius search in ElectriConnect, reach out to the branch managers and set up an appointment to review your product lines. The site gives you a link to the distributors’ website, so you can easily review their capabilities. Distribution is changing: Ferguson sells lighting, Graybar sells Data/Com, Industrial distributors sell construction supplies, as well as MRO. And there are emerging companies that design, install and supply product solutions. The electrical industry is morphing into alternative customer influences. Go meet them!

#3 –You want to meet more lighting designers or specifying firms. With over 1500, you can email the principal designer and introduce yourself. (Or set a meeting during LightFair!). All rep firms have their core base of customers; electriconnect allows you (and the local reps) to ‘see’ customers they haven’t seen before.


Electriconnect is a subscription based B2B platform that will expand your business. It may seem pricey, but it’s a pre-loaded sales management toolbox that will enable a proactive sales manager to maximize their time in a territory. We’ve had strong response from reps to add their contact information into electriconnect; as well as reps searching for customers they’ve not met in their own territory. One manufacturer user commented that electriconnect is far easier to do market research than anything he’s ever tried in the past.

Electriconnect allows you to sign up and for 30 days have complete access to the entire database. You can cancel at any time, but we believe you will recognize that this is a project that will reward you throughout the year.

And if you act quickly, we’re offering a special for LightFair with a 20% discount. Use the special code LFI2017 and grow your business.

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