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Ask an Expert – January 2017

Hi Prudence- What's an appropriate amount of time to wait before following up with an interview? - Joe Hi Joe- That depends on how the meeting was left off. If they said they'd contact you by a certain date and that has come and gone, r

Ask an Expert

Hi Prudence,  I recently received a call from another headhunter for a job that I've heard you're working on too. I believe he presented me to the company but I've never heard from him again, even though I've left him several messages. I think I'

Ask an Expert – So you got a DUI…

Hi Prudence, About 10 years ago I received a DUI and I'm curious if that would show up on a background check. I currently have a job offer from one of the big public distributors and they are offering a company car. I'm wondering if that might come u

Is a Two Week Notice Necessary?

  Hi Pru, I have an offer that I accepted and I know it’s traditional to give a two week notice, but is it really mandatory? I ask because the company I’m with now has lost a few people in the last month and all but one was walked out the

Aging and Anonymous

  Prudence- Hello,  never thought I’d see the day I’d be asking some of these questions, but here we are.  I am and have always been a high performer, have a lot of industry experience and I’m stuck in a job I hate.  I’v