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Unemployment Rate the Lowest in Years

We have hit an unemployment rate that hasn’t been seen since February 2001. In September, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2%, ironically, during the hurricanes. Since the storms, people in Texas and Florida returned to work and payroll employmen


disˌin(t)ərmēdēˈāSH(ə)n: noun A $2 word for cutting out the middle man. We’ve talked a lot about the changing channels throughout the electrical industry. Changes are not particularly new to the industry. In those way back years, elect

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail!

Being a recruiter is one of the most rewarding experiences. There’s nothing more gratifying than helping grow my client companies.  When I follow up with a candidate I’ve placed and they share they’ve grown sales by $5MM, cut manufacturi

The Buzz Newsletter – November 2017

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How Do We Get More Women into the Electrical Industry?

I was at an event where this question was presented.  In round table discussions, we discussed how to bring more women into the male-dominated Electrical Industry. We talked about other male-dominated industries women might be in; such as, Fashion

How to Present a Strong Offer Letter

The importance of a strong, timely offer: I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “time kills all deals”, and it’s certainly true in recruiting. If your company takes days (or even weeks) to make an offer to a candidate, you’re sending a po

Compensation Laws

By January 1, 2018, we will have at least four states and four cities that have enacted a new regulation that stipulates you cannot ask a candidate for employment, how much money they make. There is no equivocation there…you cannot ask them how muc

The Buzz Newsletter – October 2017

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succession plan baby boomers to millennials

9,000,000 Businesses for Sale

The estimates vary widely, but there are around 15,000,000 businesses in the US. Of that number, at least 9,000,000 are currently owned by Baby Boomers; i.e. anyone who was born between 1946-1964. There are 75,000,000 boomers. This generation has had
new law restricts employers

New Law Restricts Employers

New laws are starting to take effect in several states that will now ban employers from asking “orally or in writing, personally or through an agent” about a potential employee’s compensation history. The goal is to narrow the gender wage gap a