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Fallacy of Commissions

We’ve helped scores of clients identify quality sales talent over our 19 years of success. Our clients have a broad range of compensation models to support attracting sales talent; ● Fixed salary with bonuses tied to: individual sales, regional

Gender Wage Gap

When it comes to the gender wage gap, the uncontrolled gap truly represents: women are less likely to hold high-level, high paying jobs than men. PayScale, a leading compensation research company, shows at the start of their careers, men and women te

Emerging Lighting Professionals: Marketable Skills and Qualities

In my previous blog, I discussed the positions lighting companies are looking­­ to hire emerging professionals for and their concerns related to hiring emerging professionals. Now I’ll address the skills and qualities they are looking for in emer

3 interview points you might be missing, if you have not received any job offers

Sometimes you interview for jobs but you don’t get an offer without really knowing why. You want to bang your head on the desk. Make sure you are preparing yourself for interviews by: 1. Thinking about what you are asking or not asking. A


Arne Jacobsen, a famous architect from Denmark, who was noted for avant-garde designs in architecture and objects that ranged from flatware to chairs, was asked for the secret to good design and his response was…“one word: ‘proportion’”. Th

IoT and We

So many people are into IoT…it’s the shiniest object on Earth right now and nearly ‘every’ company is active in it. Which gave me pause…who is really ‘in’ IoT? I did a couple of Google searches and here are the top 10 IoT innovators, ac

Do you know what you’re looking for?

If you are looking for the perfect candidate, that person does not exist; but you may need help finding industry professionals. As recruiters, we talk to industry people every day, we know what candidates are looking for, from salary to culture to g

Emerging Lighting Professionals: What Companies are Looking for and Their Concerns

Part 1 I was invited to speak at the IES Annual Conference in Boston presenting for the “Marketable Skills for Emerging Professionals in the Lighting Industry” seminar. Over the next 3 blogs, I’ll review the topics I discussed in that presenta

Market Growth

In 2010, I prepared a presentation for a consulting client that had a diversity of products; from electronics to alternative energy to lighting equipment. I summarized raw numbers of companies that were in their space to give them an idea of how dive

It’s Not Always About the Money

There are many reasons people change jobs but it’s rarely about money, yet it’s the first defense when a manager is handed a resignation. When a candidate gives notice, one of two things occur: a counteroffer or an escort out of the office