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Candidate Driven Market: How to Retain a Prospective Employee

It’s not new news that we are in a candidate driven market. If your hiring process is not focused on attracting and landing top candidates, you will lose talent to your competitors. Candidates are choosing their employers. Candidates I speak wit

What We Don’t Know…Is a LOT

Global general lighting market was $37.5B in 2017, going to be $48.3B in 2023 (BCC Research) Global LED lighting market was $26.09B in 2016, going to be $54.28B in 2022 (Zion Market research) Global Lighting fixture market to be $26B in 2017 an

Hiring: How to Choose the One

This is very much a candidate driven marketplace, compounded by the baby boomers retiring, creating a huge shortage of talent. Nowadays, we are lucky to find 1 or 2 candidates for a job that are both qualified and interested. However, I still hear th

First Trade Show: Growth in Wire and Cable

I attended my first industry trade shows, the Wire Processing Technology Expo and the Wire Expo in May.  I do appreciate all the people and industry leaders who met with me and talked to me about the industry, their companies and the future of wire

How to Encourage Growth Through Industry Changes

The search for qualified talent in the electrical industry is more difficult than ever. As growth continues in distributed energy, distributed energy resources, distributed generation, microgrids, energy storage, and distribution automation; along

Who Don’t You Know

One of the benefits of being a successful company with over 19 years of industry ties is that we’ve developed a database of over 31,700 unique companies and over 115,000 unique people. That’s a lot of data entry, industry research, conferences, j

Egret’s Annual Women in Industry Survey

Diversity: “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people”. For 9 consecutive years we reviewed the number of women attendees at the National NAED conference as

How to Attract Young Professionals

The Department for Professional Employees reports there are over 75 million young workers (ages 18-35) in the US*. In this age group, more than half (50.4) are women and 70% have earned either an Associate degree or an occupational or vocational cert

Note to Self: Get Out of My Own Way

I attended an inspiring recruiters conference a few years ago and walked away with a new mindset that’s stuck with me, although some days more than others. It’s simple: stop holding yourself back. At some point, we all fall into a rut and/or sta

Customer Ownership

In a recent MDM article*, author John Gunderson raised an important issue about ‘sales’. His premise is that customers have changed and the mindset of how a salesperson ‘calls’ on the customers has changed as well. He posits 3 differing types