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Thin Slicing

by Ted Konnerth It’s a fascinating process to help client companies find key talent. It starts with the ‘needs analysis’; which is roughly akin to designing Superman. We’re advised that a degree is required; with a minimum accum. MBA highly

References, Job-hoppers and Talent Shortage

by Ted Konnerth We’ve conducted roughly 70,000 interviews over the past 11+ years. We’ve successfully placed over 500 new employees and we’ve weathered two deep recessions, so we feel pretty good about our track record. Nationally, “WE”

Legacy Investments and Channel Tension

by Ted Konnerth The city of Los Angeles has embarked on a project to convert every street light on their system to LED technology. LA has 210,000 street lights on its system (City of LA is a municipal provider of energy). The project is in its first

Talent Acquisition in a Declining Supply

by Ted Konnerth Most people assume that with high unemployment, the availability of quality talent is as easy as posting an opening and waiting for the flow of hundreds of well-qualified applicants. Let’s disabuse you of that notion and begin by u


by Ted Konnerth I returned from the SSL Summit conference this week where I heard a presentation on the Energy Policy Act of 2005. EPACT, as it is commonly called has been around 5 years. It offers rebates; CASH rebates to companies, business owners

Egret’s 7th Annual Women in Industry Survey

By Ted Konnerth Diversity: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people. For 7 years, we've reviewed the number of women attendees as a small viewpoint into how the

Results: Egret’s 7th Annual Women in The Industry Survey

Mundelein, IL 5-6-2011. The percentage of female attendees at the National Association of Electrical Distributors Annual National Summit decreased in 2011 to 7.4% for all attendees. By absolute numbers, the total female registration at this conferenc

Egret’s 6th Annual Women in Industry Survey

By Ted Konnerth I’ve attended the NAED conferences since 1985 and for the past 6 years I’ve conducted a survey of the number of NAED badge attendees who have female first names. Albeit, this is not the most scientific survey but the results conf


by Ted Konnerth Life was simple when electrical meant 120 volts or higher. High voltage was high voltage, and low voltage belonged to people who installed doorbells. Then alarm systems became popular, along with security systems and dimmers went fro

Ted Konnerth is invited to join The Pinnacle Society

Ted Konnerth, PhD is scheduled to speak at the Strategies in Light Conference February 24, 2011 Mundelein, IL (December 29, 2010). Ted Konnerth, PhD, President/CEO of Egret Consulting Group, will be speaking at the Strategies in Light conference Feb