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Professional Recruiter Fees – Return on Investment, Not an Expense

You have a vacancy in a sales, operations, marketing or engineering role.  One of your top performers left unexpectedly or you need to replace an underperforming team member.  In either case, you realize that the role needs to be filled in a timely

7 Areas to Help You Dust Off That Old Resume

In the electrical industry, we have noticed more people getting ready to make a job change.  Many seem to have been with their companies for 10 years or more and want to raise their heads out of the sand and see what is out there.   If you feel th

The Buzz Newsletter – July 2017

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Reductive Internal Equity

In just a very short 4 years, the US has seen a compound annual growth rate of nearly 15% for the S&P 500 (1/1/2013 to 1/1/2017), this is a rate of growth that has brought significant wealth to many of the fortunate people with investments in the

The Buzz Newsletter – June 2017

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We’re in the communications business; and for what we do, the clarity and depth of the content of those communications is imperative. We have new clients who tell us that they’ll send a job description and expect us to go ahead and send candidate

Generalist vs. Industry Niche Recruiter?

Lately I’ve had conversations with candidates asking me whether or not I would follow up with them after submitting their resume to a client. That's a great question and something candidate's should be asking. I’ve seen postings on LinkedIn that

LIGHTFAIR and Future Thoughts on Technology

Ted Konnerth and Brooke Ziolo returned from LFI last week with a list of thoughts and ideas that came from their meetings with dozens of exhibitors and clients. Nearly everybody they spoke with had comments on the trends of IoT. The industry appear

Top 5 LinkedIn Tips

Your LinkedIn profile might be low on your radar with the busyness of a job search. While it seems great as a quick place to put your work experience or for connecting with people, you may shrug it off as not much more. The truth is, your LinkedIn pr

Forbes names Egret Consulting amongst the Top 250 Best Executive Recruiting Firms in 2017

Mundelein, IL – May 15, 2017 – Egret Consulting Group, the largest search firm dedicated solely to the electrical industry was named amongst the top 250 “Best Executive Recruiting Firms” listed by Forbes for 2017. The recent article was publi