The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

Long Tail Markets

Long tail distributions are a relatively arcane fascination by statisticians. Roughly, a long tail mimics the 80/20 rule; also known as a Pareto distribution. But in a series of articles and books by Chris Anderson (editor of Wired), it’s clear tha

Industry Recruiters

Part 1: How to Acquire Top Talent In the electrical industry, technology is playing a huge role in the lack of qualified talent.  Smart controls, IoT / IIoT influences, distributed energy, DER, DERM, blockchains, microgrids, wind, solar, storage…

Onboarding: Employee Retention Starts the Day of Offer

You’ve made the offer and Superman has accepted…recruiting process is complete. Or is it? In my 18 years of experience recruiting in the electrical industry, one thing is very true: candidates fall off 50% more in electrical distribution than

Beautiful Clean Coal: The Myth of Energy

We have arrived at a sad point in history where 'facts' are deemed subject to belief; i.e. not accepted as 'facts'. For decades we have always had an objector viewpoint; e.g. 'scientific' studies showed that smoking wasn't a contributor to cancer; de

Will the Real John Smith Please Stand Up?

I have had companies ask me about assessment tools and what I think of them. I believe they have some value in evaluating personalities or cultural attributes, but I know of no assessment tests that can predict success in your company. Think about


Part 1: Branding Your Company to Attract Top Talent Interviewing isn’t just about bringing a candidate in and asking them questions. It’s an opportunity to sell your brand and company. Eighty four percent of the candidates I placed were employed

We Know You

In over 18 years of professional search, we’ve ‘met’ a lot of people. We’ve had 100’s of 1,000’s of conversations over those years. Of those, we’ve captured over 113,000 individual contacts within our database. Many of those, we’ve ha

Unemployment Rate the Lowest in Years

We have hit an unemployment rate that hasn’t been seen since February 2001. In September, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.2%, ironically, during the hurricanes. Since the storms, people in Texas and Florida returned to work and payroll employmen


disˌin(t)ərmēdēˈāSH(ə)n: noun A $2 word for cutting out the middle man. We’ve talked a lot about the changing channels throughout the electrical industry. Changes are not particularly new to the industry. In those way back years, elect

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail!

Being a recruiter is one of the most rewarding experiences. There’s nothing more gratifying than helping grow my client companies.  When I follow up with a candidate I’ve placed and they share they’ve grown sales by $5MM, cut manufacturi