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Egret Consulting Group has over 68 years of industry ties and relationships. We actively assist our clients in providing industry insights and solutions. We’ve referred consulting firms to our client companies, assisted in marketing companies for sale to our clients and helped steer researchers to informational sites or organizations.

We regularly search for information on the size of the industry as well sub-market niches; like wire/cable, LED or specifying consultant firms. As leaders in the industry, we value our ability to become a resource for electrical industry news to members of our community.

In Acquisitions, Does Size Matter?

Over the past 10 years, the electrical industry has seen the creation of hundreds of new companies offering new approaches to the expansion of technology in our industry. Many of these companies have created a sustainable and profitable business stru

The Buzz Newsletter – Feb. 2017

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The Buzz Newsletter – Dec. 2016

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Facts are Frustrating

A few years ago, I read a book titled the Half-Life of Facts*. It was an interesting, although a bit arcane review of centuries of known ‘facts’ that have been subsequently debunked as untrue. From the fact that Earth was once the center of th

The Buzz // November Newsletter

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