The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

About Egret Consulting


Egret Consulting is an established and well-respected recruiting firm for the global electrical industry. Since 1999 we have served a variety of sub-vertical markets, including lighting manufacturing, electrical distribution, lighting design, power distribution equipment, wire/cable manufacturing, construction supplies and more.

Our industry seasoned recruiters can help locate the talent you need for your business to succeed.

Here are a few notable differentiators between us and our competition:

Industry Experts – We are the largest recruiting firm dedicated exclusively to the electrical industry.

Our market focus includes:

Over 32,000 electrical companies and over 105,000 candidate records.

Our recruiters serve as your designated “search partner” to help locate talent within specific markets. Our proprietary database contains more than 32,000 different manufacturers, distributors and trade associates, as well as over 105,000 qualified candidates.

Philosophy – We recruit to our clients’ specifications with a thorough discussion of the feasibility and timeliness of those specifications. We recruit for quality of talent and never recruit ‘for money’.

Responsibility – Our search partners personally conduct all searches. We do the work ourselves so you don’t have to worry about us delegating it out to any outside or internal search departments.

Communications – Our recruiting is a proven formula of equal parts discipline, ethics, skills and empathy.

We successfully balance this with our ability to manage expectations while mitigating emotions.

Ethics – 
Our motto: Keep our Client Secrets, Secret
Our commitment: 100% confidentiality
Our Results: We have never recruited a placed candidate from that client company.

Metrics – Our performance metrics speak for themselves. We boast high fulfillment and retention rates. We are quick to locate, qualify and place talented individuals that fit your specific requirements.

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