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Ask the Expert – April 2012

Ask an Expert

Q: Prudence, I am trying to figure out if I need to look again for another position. In March 2011, I moved from one distributor to another  Recently I realized that the difference in the way I was being paid for mileage versus a car allowance resulted in a net loss of $500 a month. Prudence, I really enjoy my Industrial Sales position with them and they have an excellent image and product offering, except that my compensation is $500 less a month. What would you recommend?

A: There are two issues at hand, first was the car program clearly laid out in your written offer prior to your acceptance? If so, then you understood prior and they’ll not be compelled to address it. If not, then you do have the argument that you accepted what you thought was ‘x’ and it ended up being ‘y’ although after the fact it’s likely not going to have a huge impact on how they pay. I’ve found that distributors have set programs across the board for their car programs without exception. The other issue is compensation versus benefits, a car program falls to a benefits program rather than compensation so you’d have to weigh out if the current and potential compensation can make it up. I hate to say that the reality is, you agreed to their deal and it is what it is and now it’s up to you to decide if you can make up the difference in commissions. It’s a tough spot, I don’t envy you. – Prudence


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