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Ask the Expert – November 2016

Ask an Expert

Q: Hi Prudence, About 10 years ago I received a DUI and I’m curious if that would show up on a background check. I currently have a job offer from one of the big public distributors and they are offering a company car. I’m wondering if that might come up and if so, how do I handle it? -Roger

A: Hi Roger, Not knowing the company or how far back they reach in a background check, I can’t say with absolute certainty, so I’d talk to a lawyer who specializes in DUI’s. Based on my experience within the industry, two situations have come up where a candidate had a DUI (One from 20 years ago), that did come up on a background/driving check. In both cases the client pulled the offer. My advice is to always be honest and upfront with your recruiter so that they can help mitigate any issues with the client. It’s the ‘surprise’ that always kills an offer, being upfront, telling the story to the client and having them decide before a background test is always better… and more professional. We can help tell that story and point out that you were honest and forthright about it. Everybody makes mistakes, but hiding them will always come back to bite you- Prudence


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