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Ask the Expert – November 2017

Q: I just got a job offer from XYZ Company and did the background check and drug test. The drug test came back positive for THC. I live in a state where recreational use is legal and the company is telling me that they still have the right to pull th

Ask the Expert – September 2017

Q: I took a job sort of as a stop gap with a small distributor and now am ready to move on as my non-compete has expired. I WAS making over $100,000 in my previous job, but am now at $60,000. I have to fill in compensation on the job application for

Ask the Expert – August 2017

Q: Rob, What can I do to properly prepare for an interview?  - Scott A: Scott, We get that question a lot!  A good professional recruiter will walk you through the process to prepare for both a telephone interview as well as your face to face i

Ask the Expert – July 2017

Q: Pati, I've been trying to figure out how to best end an interview with "I want the job and you should hire me" without coming off arrogant or desperate.  What do you suggest? - Bill A: Bill, Great question!  It is important to emphasize why

Ask the Expert – June 2017

Q: Hi Brooke, My current job title is Junior Systems Integration Analyst, and the department that I work in is called Systems Engineering. However, my job function closely matches that of Applications Engineer. Furthermore, employees from other compa