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Ask the Expert – May 2017

Q: Hi Prudence, I've been interviewing with a distributor for about two weeks and just spent another full day with them. Nearing the end of the time with them they told me that the ball was in my court, not "do you want the job?" or "we'd love yo

Ask the Expert – April 2017

Q: Hi Prudence - I took a job about 8 months ago with a distributor who I've found out, doesn't have the best relationships with their vendors. There are major issues with credit and it's clear I've made a mistake. So, I'm updating my resume now

Ask the Expert – March 2017

Q: Prudence -I just applied for a position with Graybar. You contacted me a couple of times about Graybar jobs and wondered if you could put in a good word for me? - Jeffery A: Jeffery - Unfortunately, I can't because it really wouldn't be approp

Ask the Expert – February 2017

Q: Prudence - I've been interviewing for a pretty great job and they asked me for references. I provided them with customers and past bosses and they said they all came back great. Then I get a call from the VP that tells me they're not making the of

Ask the Expert – January 2017

Q: Prudence -What's an appropriate amount of time to wait before following up with an interview? - Joe A: Hi Joe -That depends on how the meeting was left off. If they said they'd contact you by a certain date and that has come and gone, rea