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Ask the Expert – April 2017

Ask an Expert

Q: Hi Prudence – I took a job about 8 months ago with a distributor who I’ve found out, doesn’t have the best relationships with their vendors. There are major issues with credit and it’s clear I’ve made a mistake. So, I’m updating my resume now and am thinking it might be better to just leave that off all together especially knowing what the market thinks of this company. I think it might diminish my value to potential employers if I leave it on, what do you think? – Bill

A: Hi Bill – LEAVE IT ON! You’ve been there for 8 months so customers, reps and vendors all know you worked there, so it’s highly unlikely that your future employer wouldn’t be able to find that out. But let’s play devil’s advocate, say you do get away with it, and 8 months later they find out and let you go? Why lie when the truth will do? You’re far better off explaining the challenges you’ve faced than denying them. Good luck! Thanks! – Prudence


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