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Ask the Expert – November 2019

Q: I have spent the last year working for an absolute power hungry, micromanaging mean girl. I tried my best to hang in there because I don’t want to look like a job hopper but she made a snide comment to me on Monday and that was it, I fired back saying something I now wish I could take back. Nonetheless I was fired. Now I’m looking for a job and wondering if I can just leave that off my resume because it was only a year and say I took some time off? What do you think?

A: Yikes, that sounds awful. The best course is always honesty, get out in front of it and prepare to explain the situation without badmouthing her or the company. You’d be better off saying there wasn’t a good match with your personalities and it was best to move on. You have to also be realistic and know that a potential employer may call that company and speak poorly of you. All you can do is tell the truth. Bad things happen, even Lee Iaccocca was fired by Henry Ford and it seems it worked out for him! Best of luck! – Prudence