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How to Attract Young Professionals


The Department for Professional Employees reports there are over 75 million young workers (ages 18-35) in the US*. In this age group, more than half (50.4) are women and 70% have earned either an Associate degree or an occupational or vocational certificate*.

The question remains: how do we attract young professionals into the electrical industry?  We are constantly looking for ways to build stronger succession plans and bench strength for our workforce. Over my 6 years in the electrical industry, senior managers have revealed how they recruit young talent.

Some companies in the industry have collegiate programs where interns are trained and exposed to different departments and disciplines within the company. An industry organization pays off their student intern’s last year of school if they sign to work with the company a minimum 2 years post-graduation. Then, there are junior colleges that build talent such as Shelton State Community College, where their Lapp Center teaches its students the technicality of electrical cabling selection and installation.

As an industry, we need to lead and teach young professionals to build better succession plans and encourage growth.




Pati Kelly is a contingent and retained recruiter exclusive to the electrical industry with a specialty in Wire and Cable. To learn more about how she can help your company identify and attract talent, check out her biography, view her LinkedIn profile or send her an email at