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Is it time to stop the madness?

David Gordon, Channel Marketing recently published his monthly newsletter on the status of POS data integrity and the ‘next’ chapter of improving the data sharing. (POS= point of sale, or place of sale. It’s a process of providing destination i

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Another eventful year comes to a close. Here’s a review of this year and a few expectations for 2020. 2019 recap... Egret Hoorays. As mentioned in November’s newsletter, we celebrated our official 20th year in business. A milestone we could

Giving Thanks

Egret celebrated our 20th year this month. 20 years is a remarkable achievement for any business; according to the SBA, 66% of all new businesses fail within 10 years (50% within 5 years). In our 20-year history we’ve had plenty of opportunities to
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A term coined in the dating world to describe when one party suddenly stops all communication and ignores the others efforts without an explanation. A word popularized by those in the dating scene, but an act companies and job seekers regularly pract

And the offer is…

Employees leave companies for one reason: a better opportunity. Depending on an individual’s situation, a better opportunity can mean anything. A person may quit because they want to work with a more collaborative team, develop their skills, help g

(No) Promises

“Nearly half of Fortune 500 companies were founded by first or second-generation immigrants1” The current Administration has kept us on our toes this last year, with the ongoing tariff negotiations, and, most recently, the deregulation of ener

Recruiting your Competition

When I am asked to conduct a search for a client company, I am often expected to find a candidate currently performing the same role and responsibility, from a direct competitor. That’s a reasonable deliverable and where I begin to source qualified

10,000 Reach Retirement Age Everyday…How Do We Develop Future Leaders?

Various elements contribute to the manufacturing labor shortage in the US, such as an aging population. According to AARP, 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 years old every day until 2030. Today, about one fourth of the manufacturing workforce is 55 y
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Tariffs and the Future of Manufacturing

At the Interwire Show, Karl Glassman, CEO & President of Leggett & Platt gave a presentation on the state of manufacturing. He credits his work to Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist, National Association of Manufacturers. The findings were int
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Trends in Wire

In this three part series, I will review the three questions I asked industry leaders at Interwire and the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo. The following are trends leaders highlighted in our conversations: Urbanization and Transportati