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Egret Consulting Welcomes New Executive Recruiter

Mundelein, IL - Egret Consulting Group, the largest search firm serving the Electrical Industry since 1999, is growing. Egret welcomed its newest Executive Recruiter, Martin Rodriguez, to the organization June 5, 2019. Martin has a year of experie

IoT for Free

We attended LightFair, as usual and in general it felt a little less crowded, with fewer exhibitors and lighter foot traffic. LFI has become the mega-show for the lighting industry; but is now facing multiple competitive shows across the country (LED

Experts Not Needed

We’re busy updating our training regimen; as we will be adding a couple of recruiters over the coming months. Our training regimen has been in place for over 15 years; the process is well-defined and includes a variety of approaches to help a new r


As growth continues in Distributed Energy Resources, Grid Edge Technology, Microgrids, Energy Storage, and Distribution Automation, along with the IoT and IIoT influences in electrical and electronic power generation components and automation control

GDPR and Indentured Servitude

In the past, I’ve often referenced the issues of employee non-compete contracts; basically, where an employer can effectively block the ability of a former employee to work for a period of time (regardless of the circumstances of their departure).

2019 Changes and Opportunities

Egret will celebrate its 20th year later this Fall. 20 years!!! We’ve been fortunate to become the industry’s largest and most professional search firm and have been awarded the Forbes Top 250 Executive Recruiting Firms listing for two consecut

Everyone is a Volunteer

Every one of your employees voluntarily works for you. David Dye made a great point in his article, Motivate Your Team – Avoid This Mistake: if you truly want to motivate your team, understand everyone is a volunteer. Every employee you le

Emerging Lighting Professionals: Advice

As the third and final blog of the Emerging Lighting Professionals series, here’s the advice lighting firms had for emerging professionals in the lighting industry: 1. Be yourself, understand who you are. Write down your values i.e. helping oth
Congratulations to Brooke Ziolo Egret Consulting Lighting Industry

Brooke Ziolo, President of Egret 2019

Mundelein, IL - Effective January 1, 2019, Brooke Ziolo of Egret Consulting Group, will be President of Egret Consulting Group. Brooke joined the Egret organization in 2008 as an Executive Recruiter and was named a Partner in 2013. Through Brooke

Fallacy of Commissions

We’ve helped scores of clients identify quality sales talent over our 19 years of success. Our clients have a broad range of compensation models to support attracting sales talent; ● Fixed salary with bonuses tied to: individual sales, regional