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How Do We Get More Women into the Electrical Industry?

I was at an event where this question was presented.  In round table discussions, we discussed how to bring more women into the male-dominated Electrical Industry. We talked about other male-dominated industries women might be in; such as, Fashion and Food & Beverage. Fashion has Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein Tommy Hilfhiger and so on. The Food Industry includes personalities like Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay. Here are some statistics personally researched and presented at the conference:

● Women represent around 50% of professional roles 1

● Less than 1 in 4 c-suite are held by women

● 49% of women represent the college-educated workforce 1

● Women earn 38% of MBAs and 48% of specialized master’s degrees 1

My group concluded it is not the industry but an individual company situation. So, how do we recruit women into the industry? The same way we would any candidate. We present the ideas that/of:

● They’re valuable. People continue to work for a company when their opinions are validated and their work is appreciated.

● A great management team. If you are respected by your boss, you will be given opportunities to grow and be challenged.

● The ability to grow and move up in the organization is available. Women, men, especially millennials like to know their career path.

● A mentoring program for new employees is accessible, which encourages professional growth.

I would suggest you review your company and make sure you have met these points. These ideas will help you bring in the next best candidate to expand your business.




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