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How much of a pay increase can I expect?


Hi Prudence-

I got a call from a distributor who’s moving into my market wanting me to take an outside sales job, which translates to 100% cold calling. I told them I’d think about it but would really need to see a significant pay increase to seriously consider it. How much of an increase should I expect for a position like this?

Thanks, Roger


Hi Roger,

While it does sometimes happen, the likelihood of a company new to the market isn’t likely to ‘buy’ your talents. In all reality, distributors look at what someone is making and make them a better offer to quit their job and come to work for them. “Better” is as relative as “significant” they aren’t real numbers, you can’t apply a mathematical equation to them, but in the end, better is better so you’ll have to weigh their strength, lines, leadership, go to market strategy along with the opportunity itself to really make a solid career decision. Let me know how it works out.