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Ask the Expert – November 2015

Ask an Expert

Q: Hi Pru, I have an offer that I accepted and I know it’s traditional to give a two week notice, but is it really mandatory? I ask because the company I’m with now has lost a few people in the last month and all but one was walked out the door as soon as they gave their notice, I’d rather just skip the drama and tell them I’m leaving now. – Ronnie

A: Hi Ronnie, This is a tough one for me, I always advise to give two weeks as a courtesy to the company you’re leaving but personally I don’t subscribe to two weeks as the only time frame. I tell people that they should tell their boss that they’re leaving and would like to start the new opportunity as soon as possible. BUT to explain that they don’t want to leave any loose ends so you’ll be working on cleaning up anything that’s pending over the next couple of days and will be available by phone for the next week with any questions. You should always be prepared to be escorted out once you give notice, but if you do stay, wrap up professionally and move on quickly. It’s awkward for everyone. Good luck in your new position! – Prudence


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