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Lighting Design Firms and MEP / AE Firms


Egret Consulting Group has a strong history of working with specifiers in the electrical industry including Lighting Design firms, MEP & AE firms across the United States.

Egret has built a strong network of nearly 2,000 Lighting Designers with experience with projects in architectural, theatrical, residential, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, multi-use, historical, museums, etc. Our sourced candidates have certifications in LEED, LC or accredited lighting design / architectural engineering degrees from top universities. Our designers work with AutoCAD, AGI, REVIT, Visual and other application software programs.

Egret partners with MEP and AE firms (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing and Architectural Engineering) to help them attract and hire candidates with experience in the specification community. Ranging from junior to senior level positions ranging from sales, engineering, project management, marketing, etc.


Brooke Ziolo

Brooke Ziolo, President of Egret Consulting, is a contingent and retained executive recruiter working exclusively within the Lighting Industry. To learn more about how she can help your Lighting company, LED company or Lighting Design Firm find talent, view her biography, LinkedIn, or click to email her below.


Colleen Keigher

Colleen Keigher will be working with the specification community including MEP firms (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) and AE firms (Architectural Engineering) as well as Electrical Contractors. She helps her clients attract industry specific candidates in all levels from junior to senior executive level, including but not limited to: Electrical Engineers, Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Project Managers, Sales, Marketing, Principles, etc.



Lighting Design Jobs

Lighting Designer
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I’m working with a local company that is hiring 2 Lighting Designers; a Junior to Mid-level Lighting Designer and a Senior Lighting Designer. The junior designers will enter specs into fixture sched...

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