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Ask the Expert – January 2016

Ask an Expert

Q: Prudence – I recently interviewed for a sales manager position and went through 3 different rounds of interviews, took two online tests and the company is saying they want me, but before they make the offer I have to go spend a day doing another interview with an industrial psychologist. Is this normal? And is it possible that everyone I met is saying yes and this person can say no and this can fall apart? Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. – Ronnie

A: Hi Ronnie – Sigh, yes, it’s very common and depending on the actual assessment they use, it can be a make or break situation for you. There are several companies that have popped onto the radar in the recent years in distribution (as well as manufacturing) that are now offering these third party assessments at an extraordinary cost. Some are upwards of $15,000. The premise is to take the emotion out of the interviewing process and really drill down on the attributes that a candidate brings to the position. The good news is, after having several people go to this final step over the years, I’ve not had one kicked out because of the results of this meeting. So, the good news is that companies are doing a good job of identifying a final candidate, the bad news is…there’s one more hoop! Best of luck and please let me know how it turns out for you. Thanks, Prudence


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