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Onboarding: Employee Retention Starts the Day of Offer


You’ve made the offer and Superman has accepted…recruiting process is complete. Or is it?

In my 18 years of experience recruiting in the electrical industry, one thing is very true: candidates fall off 50% more in electrical distribution than they do in any other channel of the industry. The onboarding process is an area where companies can tweak to better their odds.

Start onboarding new employees the day they accept. Print business cards, send them some ‘swag’ with the company logo, cc them on emails. As their resignation date approaches, call them and help them craft their departure speech; if they’re local, invite them to lunch. Every little bit of love you extend to your future employee envelops them into your team and culture. It’s the little things that are typically overlooked and those are the areas where you can put the smallest effort for the biggest payoff.

Prudence Thompson is a contingent and retained recruiter entirely dedicated to the Electrical Distribution industry. To learn more about how she can help your company attract talent, check out her biographyLinkedIn profile or email her at