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(847) 307-7129

Rob Wieska

Power Distribution Recruiter

Rob is a contingent and retained recruiter specializing in Power Distribution and Transmission (including electrical utilities), Automation Technologies (including generation products, smart grid, building automation and controls manufacturers), and Renewables (including wind, solar, battery technologies and other emerging technologies).

He recruits for sales, marketing, operations, and engineering positions.

As growth continues in Grid Optimization: Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resources and non-wire alternatives as well as Microgrids, Energy Storage, Emerging Technologies in Renewables and Clean Energy, Digitalization, EV Charging, and Security (Cyber and Physical) along with the IoT and IIoT influences in electrical and electronic power generation components and automation controls…Savvy and qualified talent is a must.

Rob prides himself at exceeding the expectations of his clients. He understands the importance of cultivating a relationship that is a true partnership in every aspect. Rob will identify and attract talent in channels across the industry that include MRO, OEM, construction, utility, municipal/government, industrial, commercial, residential, and more.

Prior to joining Egret, Rob had a strong background in sales, marketing, and business operations; owning and operating a successful business for nearly 20 years.


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