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Ask the Expert – June 2016

Ask an Expert

Q: Hi Prudence, I have 20 years of experience in electrical distribution but when the economy tanked I left the industry for a few years, now I can’t even get an interview! I’ve sold tens of millions of dollars over my career, I would think that would still hold some value. Any advice? – Joey

A: Hi Joey, Sorry to hear that you’re having a  tough time re-entering the market. My best advice is to keep at it, work your network, talk to old customers, reps, whatever it takes. What you don’t want to do is consider someone like me as a solution…the cold, hard truth is that when a distributor hires me to find a sales rep or sales manager, they want some they can plug and play, with current contacts and potential business to drag with them. Working with a recruiter will only frustrate you, if a company needs to pay a fee they want the closest thing to ROI they can get for their spend, unfortunately that won’t come from a sales rep without warm contacts. I wish you the very best luck in your search. Thanks, Prudence


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