The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

A Recruiting Process that Works

Egret Consulting has defined a proprietary search process that includes 32 discreet steps to help us identify, isolate and professionally assess motivated and qualified candidates. The following represents the primary elements of our comprehensive search process:

This initial step of our process is critical to the project’s success. It entails conversations with all stakeholders and other parties involved at your company to establish the search criteria. Our search definition includes a marketing summary of your organization, complete with a description of your company’s strategic plan, market channels, current successes, current challenges, future growth opportunities, financial status, marketing plans and initiatives. Once armed with this knowledge, we will prepare a detailed job requirements specification for your review to ensure all aspects of the position are covered. Not only does this allow us to establish criteria for the position, it also allows us to communicate specific job requirements with any candidates that we identify.
The next step is where we will prepare a marketing presentation that summarizes the essence of ‘why would the candidate want to work for your company?’ This presentation will include the detailed job requirements, including a definition of the position’s duties and responsibilities, a summary of your company as well as the preferred soft skills and contacts necessary to ensure a successful hire.
We will prepare a list of targeted companies to begin identifying source candidates. This target company list includes all competitors as well as companies with similar channels of market coverage. We will include market intelligence provided by your executives. Egret will then gather the contact information of those company employees who would be likely targets for your needs. We will also tap into our extensive professional network and existing database of potential candidates. Our goal in this step is to compile a short-list of potential candidates to further qualify.

Our recruiters will personally contact each candidate for preliminary qualification and interest in the opportunity. Our qualification process includes the following assessments to help us evaluate work experience, performance, accomplishments, goals and other aspects of the candidates’ capabilities.

  • Gate 1: Career History

A complete review of the candidate’s’ career progression, including reasons for career moves, level of responsibilities and results.

  • Gate 2: Fit

An assessment of the candidate’s skills, personality, cultural fit and personal motivation to make a move.

  • Gate 3: Verify

We conduct degree verifications, professional references, compensation details and a summary of personal lifestyle conditions as pertinent to their ability to change or relocate.

We help coordinate all interview activities with each candidate. We work directly with each client to coordinate the necessary interviews to ensure that each candidate is given equal opportunity for the position. Once the client selects the desired candidate, we work with all parties to ensure the candidate is properly hired and on-boarded with the new company.
We work directly with the client to structure an appropriate compensation package for the selected candidate, as well as facilitate the resolution of any related or residual issues. We will help negotiate and clarify any issues of compensation, relocation, non-cash issues and benefits and assist each client in the preparation and presentation of the offer to the successful candidate.

Upon placement, we will remain actively engaged with the client to ensure smooth onboarding of the new hire and ensure any remaining terms of the contract are fulfilled. We remain engaged with both the candidate and client throughout the first year of employment to ensure a smooth transition, complete with updated conversations with the client, where necessary. These conversations include verifying job satisfaction, job performance, job definition as well as personal issues; family transition issues, housing, education and more.