The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

A Professional Search Firm Dedicated to the Electrical Industry

As the largest search firm dedicated to the electrical industry, we recognize the need for flexibility in how we approach our contracted services. We are neither a retained-only firm nor a contingency-only firm; rather a full-service, professional search firm dedicated to the electrical industry.

We help our clients develop a talent search solution that fits their specific needs. The contractual relationship associated with these services is generally defined as:

  • Executive Retained Search – Egret Consulting has an active retained search practice and works in a highly confidential, professional manner to identify and personally subject each executive to a three-step qualification process that includes: Competency Assessment, Experience and Strategic Planning Assessment, and Leadership Assessment.
  • Priority Search – We provide priority search services to clients who have an urgent or narrowly-defined search that requires us to dedicate our resources primarily to their assignment. Our prioritized attention to the client needs assumes a mutually committed relationship with a financial commitment that offsets our research and operating costs.
  • Contingency Search – We provide full-service contingent search services to directly recruit and qualify candidates from competitive companies. We function as recruiters and don’t employ resume or job board sources. Over 94% of our placed candidates are fully employed at the time of presentation to our client, with a documented career history of achievements.
  • Consulting – Ted Konnerth has an active practice to provide organizational development and strategic marketing consulting for companies that are in emerging technologies. Additionally, Ted works with manufacturers and distributors to help market their company for a strategic acquisition or merger.
  • Project Management – Egret can offer a team-based solution to large staffing projects. We offer a time-sensitive commitment to delivering the requisite number of fully pre-qualified candidates utilizing state of the art project management and contact management systems. This is typically for project sizes of 6 or more immediate hires.
  • Executive Assessment – Egret is an approved administrator of The Caliper Profile, Wonderlic, and Watson-Glaser assessment tests. Learn more about our comprehensive assessments.