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Contingent Search Services

Egret Consulting provides contingent search services to help our clients find the best talent available for their business. Our contingent recruiting services are ideal for organizations seeking to fill mid-to upper-level management positions and other key positions that require significant industry knowledge and experience including engineers and sales staff.

What is Contingent Search?

Our contingent search process offers clients an opportunity to locate highly qualified candidates with proven track records.

Contingent search follows a pay upon successful completion model where the client is obligated to pay once the search has concluded.

When to Use Contingent Search Services

Our contingency recruiting service means the hiring company pays the fee only when the new hire is placed. Contingency search is best utilized when:

  • There is an immediate need to fill the position quickly
  • You have one or more positions to fill
  • You need talent that has up-to-date experience doing the exact job currently within another company
  • You are having difficulty identifying qualified candidates from your own network
  • Your efforts in posting jobs, internet search, social media or internal referrals have been exhausted
  • You have identified one or more specific candidates that you need to confidentially recruit

Our assessment process focuses on attracting high performing candidates. Our contingent relationships are exclusive, confidential and designed for fast results. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services.