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Retained Search Services

Egret Consulting provides full-service executive retained search with a proven process that assesses executive leadership skills. We offer retained search services for VP, corporate officer and all C-level positions as well as board positions. We assume absolute confidentiality and professionalism at every step throughout the process.

What is Retained Search?

Our retained search process offers clients an opportunity to locate highly qualified candidates with proven track records. This search service is geared towards senior-level management and executive-level positions with salaries in excess of $175,000 per year.

Our search fees equate to a percentage of the annual cash compensation of the placed candidate. Unlike traditional contingency recruiting services, this premier service is structured as a retained engagement of full-time services to identify leadership talent. Retained contracts are paid in three installments throughout the course of the assignment.

When to Use Retained Search Services

Our retained recruiting service provides the confidentiality and full-time dedication of a professional recruiter to isolate, assess and qualify leadership executive talent. Retained search is best utilized when:

  • The position is for an executive or senior leadership position (VP through C-level)
  • The position is a senior strategic role within your company
  • The position will have a significant impact on the future of the company
  • The annual salary is more than $175,000 per year
  • When you MUST fill the position
  • When it’s a confidential replacement
  • When you want to conduct a thorough search of available talent
  • You want a consultative assessment of your organizational structure

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