The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

Consulting Services

Egret Consulting has an active consulting practice that offers more targeted services for companies with unique organizational needs.


Succession Planning

Over 9 million privately held businesses will be exited over the next 10 years. Those owners are part of the Baby Boomer generation and will either sell, transfer or close their businesses. Regardless of their final exit strategy, the key is to have a plan for that event that is executable and communicated across the organization. Egret Consulting can provide insights into the organizational strategies to effect an exit event.


Research, Planning & Mapping

We are experts at planning a search. For every search, we build a plan that researches our database, LinkedIn and relies on referrals. If your budget can’t afford to do a full search, then we can plan the search for you and provide you with prospective candidate contact data to recruit on your own. And our search plans are fully curated by industry experts based upon your specifications of the position.  We can also prepare organizational maps of key target companies with a complete review of C and VP level executives within the company.


Compensation Surveys

We’re electrical industry experts. We assess compensation practices every day for every search we do. Our compensation information is fresh and real time. It is also specific to to the electric industry. You can’t build a reliable, competitive compensation structure based on how automotive or consumer goods or electronic manufacturers compensate their staff. We have over 1,000 Regional Sales Managers compensations in our data base; as well as over 350 VP, Sales. Do you want ‘real’ current compensation information, or general industry compensation?