The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

In over 18 years of professional search, we’ve ‘met’ a lot of people. We’ve had 100’s of 1,000’s of conversations over those years. Of those, we’ve captured over 113,000 individual contacts within our database. Many of those, we’ve had detailed conversations with and have recorded information on qualifications, career moves, education, income, ability to relocate, and much more.

One of the more common responses we have with a new client is that they already know ‘everybody’. Our typical retort is that we have well over 100,000 people in our database, plus we’re connected on social media to over an additional 100,000… the people you ‘know’ are the ones you see. Larger companies only benchmark large companies. Smaller, local companies only benchmark direct competitors and typically only ‘know’ the visible people: sales, mostly. We have over 30,000 companies in our database; all in the electrical industry. Most companies only ‘know’ a dozen or so companies that are competitive to themselves.

We Know You by Ted Konnerth

Egret Consulting Group proudly introduces: Egret’s Connections Services Platform. Providing all current and future clients with real-time, industry information amongst other consulting services. Egret’s Connections Services Platform consist of:


Research, Planning, Mapping

Compensation Surveys

Succession Planning

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizational Development & Channel Strategy