The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

Mapping (Research and Planning), Compensation and Connections Services

Egret Consulting Group has an active consulting practice that offers more targeted services for companies with unique organizational needs.

Research, Planning & Mapping

We are experts at planning a search. Every search we take on is new. For every search, we build a plan that researches our database, researches LinkedIn and relies on referrals. If your search budget can’t afford to do a full, professional search, then we can plan the search for you and provide you with prospective candidate contact data to recruit on your own. And our search plans are fully curated by industry experts; based upon your specifications of the position.

  • We can also prepare organizational maps of key target companies; with a complete review of C and VP level executives within the company.

Compensation Surveys

We’re electrical industry experts. We assess compensation practices every day for every search we do. Our compensation information is fresh and real time. It is also specific to to the electric industry. You can’t build a reliable, competitive compensation structure based on how automotive or consumer goods or electronic manufacturers compensate their staff. We have over 1,000 Regional Sales Managers compensations in our data base; as well as over 350 VP, Sales. Do you want ‘real’ current compensation information, or general industry compensation?


Egret Consulting Group’s newest service company offer an inexpensive access to a database of industry contacts. Within, we have loaded over 20,000 distributor locations (Electrical, industrial, electronic, showrooms); over 1500 lighting design and engineering firms, and over 1.370 rep firms. You can search for new connections by zip code, add contacts into a basic CRM project system and contact those new companies directly through email out of, or call them. You can add notes of your discussion. You can send a product brochure or introductory email and set up a meeting to discuss your product/service(s). is the ONLY full curated database of electrical industry contacts. This isn’t buying a ‘list’ from an internet listing service that downloaded contact names. includes a basic CRM system with a fully loaded, curated database of contacts that you can use immediately. is the #1 sales tool for prospecting new customers. Grow your business by meeting people you don’t know; the industry is changing rapidly. Explore the CRM system more at; with a free one-time use trial.