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Ask the Expert – July 2015

Ask an Expert

Q: Hi Prudence- Should I stay or should I go now? But seriously, I just accepted an offer for what is going to the best job I’ve ever had and desperately want to walk out of my current job right now. Do I HAVE to give two weeks’ notice or can I just make it effective immediately? – Robby
A: Hi Robby – There are two things to take into consideration, first, have you already passed your drug and background check? You don’t want to quit a job if you’re not done with the new company’s process. Also, you should take into consideration your reputation moving forward. You don’t want to leave them in a lurch. What you can do is let them know that you’re leaving and that you would like your quit date to be say in a week and that you’ll be available by phone/email for an additional week for any questions or help needed during the transition. They may just say “ok” and let you leave immediately but you should always offer. – Prudence
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