The Electrical Industry’s Professional Recruiter

Don’t take our word for it…listen to what our clients have to say:

"Rob was incredible. He interviewed me very well to ensure that job was a match for me. He also provided interview tools (Word document) as well as coached me about the customer and what they were interested in knowing. By far, the best recruiter I have ever talked with."
Matt Douglas, Business Development Manager
"You’re (Brooke) the only recruiter we’ve worked with that actually understands what lighting designers do and present us with qualified candidates."
Anonymous, Lighting Design Firm Principal
"Brooke was very professional and informative throughout the process."
Christopher Hinshaw, National Accounts Manager
"Every time I was about to e-mail Prudence about something she would e-mail me first and her email completely anticipated what I was going to ask. Almost if she had ESP! She kept me fully advised of the process and kept following up with the company. Prudence is a fantastic recruiter. We have talked over the years when positions became available and we would talk them over. For one reason or another they didn't seem to fit, which was probably a good thing. I could tell she was trying to find the right person for the right job and not just trying to 'fill the position'. On this recent opportunity she did a great job helping me navigate the process and help align both of our goals to match. Something I appreciated greatly."
Anonymous, Lighting Specialist
"Pati has done an outstanding job and put in a great deal of hard work. Thank you so much!"
Jorge Roman, Sales Manager