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Top 5 LinkedIn Tips


Your LinkedIn profile might be low on your radar with the busyness of a job search. While it seems great as a quick place to put your work experience or for connecting with people, you may shrug it off as not much more. The truth is, your LinkedIn profile should be in tip-top shape before you even begin your search.

Our recruiters have created a list of the top 5 LinkedIn tips, from how to create an amazing summary to how to showcase your accomplishments and skills.

#1 – Make sure your photo is professional

While you might love a recent selfie or a quick photo a friend snapped, it may not be the best choice for a professional network. The best photos are head-shots that are clear and well lit.  There are even photographers who specialize in head-shots.



#2 – Create a great summary

Your summary should be between 3-4 paragraphs long. You can even add a bulleted area showcasing the things that make you standout. Your summary is your story. Walk the reader through your education, what qualifies you, specific skills and show numbers to show your achievements.



#3 – Add your work experience

While many people add the name of the company, position, and dates of employment, you should take it a step further. Add your job description, projects you’ve worked on and  links to the website if it shows something you have worked on.



#4 – Get recommendations

While this might seem unimportant, it’s great for recruiters and companies to see what others say about you. Ask current and past coworkers to write something about you but be specific. If you worked on a project together, ask them to talk about that and what the experience was like. Ask for recommendations once a month or a few times a year. You will also notice a section for endorsements. These are great as well, but recommendations hold much more weight.



#5 – Start writing

Now on LinkedIn, you can publish your own articles. Write about things going on in your field. Add your opinions, explain what you may see as a solution or suggest industry related ideas. This will help show your passion for your industry!