The Buzz Newsletter – February 2018

Click on a recruiter’s name and/or industry to read newsletter. Prudence Thompson – Electrical Distribution Newsletter – January 2018 Pati Kelly – Wire/Cable Newsletter – January 2018 Ted Konnerth – Leadership Newsletter – January 2018 Brooke Ziolo – Lighting Newsletter – January 2018 Rob Wieska – Power Distribution Newsletter – January 2018   Not currently…

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Industry Recruiters

Part 1: How to Acquire Top Talent In the electrical industry, technology is playing a huge role in the lack of qualified talent.  Smart controls, IoT / IIoT influences, distributed energy, DER, DERM, blockchains, microgrids, wind, solar, storage…this ‘stuff’ is no longer ‘coming’…it’s here. Savvy and qualified talent is a must. The opportunity for attracting…

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Onboarding: Employee Retention Starts the Day of Offer

Onboarding Egret Consulting New Employees and hires

You’ve made the offer and Superman has accepted…recruiting process is complete. Or is it? In my 18 years of experience recruiting in the electrical industry, one thing is very true: candidates fall off 50% more in electrical distribution than they do in any other channel of the industry. The onboarding process is an area where…

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Beautiful Clean Coal: The Myth of Energy

Clean Coal Myth Egret Consulting Ted Konnerth

We have arrived at a sad point in history where ‘facts’ are deemed subject to belief; i.e. not accepted as ‘facts’. For decades we have always had an objector viewpoint; e.g. ‘scientific’ studies showed that smoking wasn’t a contributor to cancer; deniers of acid rain and the ozone hole and now of course, those who…

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