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With the growing demand for Cybersecurity talent, understanding how to attract top talent is crucial. Egret Consulting understands the demands from customers, regulators, and agencies. Allow us to help with your risk management program or leveraging cyber risk qualification. Electric utilities are digitizing operations and increasing the interconnectedness of their systems. Cyber-attacks on energy infrastructure are escalating and government mandates to address the problem are on the rise. Attackers can gain access to control systems, networks, resources, and processes. This leads to outages, damaged equipment, and threats to safety. With IoT and IIoT technologies emerging, and more connected devices being used, organizations must protect data, personal information, and infrastructure, both onsite and remote. Egret Consulting will help you find the best Cybersecurity talent to assist your organization in maintaining privacy, meeting security standards, reducing risk and supporting sensitive data.

If your organization requires embedded hardware and software engineers, Egret Consulting understands the skills that you need. Familiarity with ARM processors, logic analyzers, reading schematics, embedded applications, communication protocols or control software, we understand the code, testing and debugging both in the factory and in the field. Focus includes, but is not limited to Product Development, FPGA Programming, Embedded User Interface Design, Firmware Programming, Embedded Device Connectivity, Embedded Systems Platforms, Embedded Motor Control, Embedded Linux Development, and Embedded Safety Controllers.

Egret Consulting can also assist your organization with your IT hiring needs.  Both strategies and operational standards.  Computer Hardware and Software operating systems, communications, applications, data processing, and security systems.

Positions we place

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CTO
  • CISO
  • General Manager
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • IT – Individual contributor (all tiers) to VP level leadership
  • Sales – Individual contributor to VP level
  • Engineering – Individual contributor to VP level
  • Marketing – Individual contributor to VP level
  • Operations – Individual contributor to VP level

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Our cyber security recruiters are firmly focused on locating, vetting and acquiring the talent and leadership every business or organization need to secure their most vital digital resource.

Egret Consulting’s established and expanding cyber security recruitment network utilizes our extensive industry connections to source qualified and credentialed candidates who have a real-time understanding of those threats to your digital defenses.

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