Preparing for the Shrinking Talent Pool 

Preparing for Shrinking Talent Pool Egret Consulting

As our population ages fueling the need for more and better qualified talent, the availability of the US ‘Human Capital Supply Chain’ continues to shrink. This demographic pressure will force companies to intensify their efforts to increase productivity, attract the best talent available and increase training efforts to continue to meet their expansion plans. As well-detailed in the book ‘TopGrading’ by Bradford Smart, PhD.…

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Emerging Tech: What has(n’t) changed?

What's changed? Emerging Tech Egret Consulting

The first commercial jet pack available for the small price of $68,000, the first ever Apple iPad was introduced, a push for space tourism by Virgin Galactica, the nPower PEG charged handheld devices for $125…all available in 20101. How has this technology evolved since? Apple is now selling the 7th generation of the iPad (has since added on the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad pro) and portable chargers can…

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