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Egret Consulting Lighting – When is it time to integrate a third-party recruiter into your hiring strategy?

Hiring Advice

Your internal recruiting efforts (including an internal recruiting team if you have one) are probably doing a good job for your organization. There are, however, always roles that can’t seem to be filled or  be able to find qualified talent to succeed.  So, when is it the right time to integrate a third-party recruiter and search firm to supercharge your efforts, ultimately saving you money and time?

As part of your ongoing hiring strategy, you should partner with a professional search firm like Egret Consulting for specialized roles, niche skills, or unexpected hiring surges.  Consider working with us when roles remain open beyond 6 weeks. Our highly specialized industry expertise will tap into talent that’s not actively looking who have niche skillsets not readily available to you internally. When sudden hiring surges overwhelm your capacity, partner with us to manage these spikes so you can focus on your business. When you’re simply not finding the right talent to address your needs and applications, allow us to fill the gap.

Consistent feedback at the NAED Western Region Conference was that manufacturers, distributors and rep agencies were struggling to find the level of expertise required to succeed in growing / emerging technologies and evolving go to market strategies.  We will be attending LEDucation in New York, March 19 & 20th and expect to hear much of the same. The good news…we’re here to solve these challenges!

Collaboration is key to an integrated talent acquisition strategy. We will work with you to define roles and responsibilities as well as to understand your organizational culture.  We will establish open communication through joint candidate reviews, and regular progress updates. Consistent transparency and regular coordination are paramount to a successful search process.  We’re here to partner and consult with you, not replace your organization’s internal efforts. 

Egret has a team of 5 Recruiters exclusively focused on the lighting industry: Brooke Ziolo, Jim McGregor, Cass Dahlem, Jacque Nelson and Pete San Juan. We cover all aspects of the lighting industry including: residential, decorative, architectural, commercial and industrial, controls, lighting systems, lamps, drivers, sports, harsh & hazardous, etc.

Our clients include Manufacturers, Distributors, Rep Firms, Lighting Design Firms / AE Design Firms, MEP Firms, ESCO’s, and Lighting Contractors.

We recruit for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Engineering, Product Management, Project Management roles, etc. ranging from individual contributor roles to Senior Leadership / C-Suite.

We help our clients increase sales, cut costs, improve efficiencies, develop new products, and gain market share through talent acquisition.

We strive to understand our client’s specific needs and devote careful time to selection and qualification. We learn the organizational culture of our client companies and what traits a candidate will require to achieve success.  

Egret Consulting is celebrating our 25th Anniversary and is proud to be recognized across the electrical industry as the largest, most professional, and most successful search firm.  We were named to Forbes list of Best Executive Search Firms for the third time in 2023.  Our position earns us the trust and respect of our client partners and the industry’s top talent.