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Since 1999, Egret Consulting has been catering to all types of lighting manufacturers, be it commercial, industrial, residential, architectural, decorative, harsh and hazardous, indoor or outdoor lighting. Our focus on the industry has made us the leading name in the LTG recruiting industry.

Our team of Lighting Recruiters comprises of experts who have immense experience in the Lighting Industry. We have established and nurtured strong relationships with industry executives to assist them in hiring top-notch candidates for positions such as Sales, Engineering, Product Management, Marketing, and Operations. Our expertise in the industry makes us the go-to choice for LTG recruiting, from mid-level to VP and C-Suite positions.

Positions we place

  • CEOs
  • COOs
  • Inside Sales
  • Product Managers
  • Quotations
  • Engineering – Individual Contributor to VP Level
  • Marketing – Individual Contributor to VP Level
  • Operations – Individual Contributor to VP Level
  • Sales – Individual Contributor to VP Level

Meet your LTG recruiting team

Brooke Ziolo

President / Executive Recruiter
Lighting | Lighting Design | Lighting Controls

(847) 307-7127
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Cass Dahlem

Executive Recruiter
Lighting | Lighting Rep Agencies

(847) 307-7125

Jacque Nelson

Executive Recruiter
Lighting Design | MEP/AE | Lighting

(847) 327-0334

Meet your LTG recruiting team

Over the course of several decades, our LTG recruiting team has dedicated their time and expertise to curate a comprehensive database of exclusive contacts within the lighting industry. As industry experts, we have earned a solid reputation for our decisive and effective approach towards recruitment in the lighting manufacturing sector.

Our in-depth knowledge of the lighting industry, including its critical roles and the individuals needed to thrive in these competitive markets, has been acquired through years of painstaking research and experience. At our LTG recruiting firm, we are committed to finding the most qualified candidates for the job, leveraging our extensive network and insights to deliver the best possible results for our clients.