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Your Switchgear Recruiters

When it comes to finding exceptional candidates for electrical distributors throughout the United States, no search firm outperforms Egret Consulting. Our track record speaks for itself, with a proven success rate of placing more industry-specific professionals than any other competitor. Switchgear recruiters can trust our expertise to cater to a diverse range of clients, from large established enterprise organizations to smaller independent distributors serving various sectors, including commercial construction, government, and national accounts.

Egret’s switchgear recruiters understand the distinct and ever-changing hiring needs of electrical distributors, especially when finding skilled professionals for specialized positions like lighting, wire & cable, automation, repair, motors, and national account sales. With a team of highly experienced electrical distributor recruiters, we possess the expertise to identify top-tier talent at all levels, from entry-level street sales to top-tier executive management. We take pride in our ability to rapidly and efficiently provide access to the best candidates in the industry, making us the preferred choice for any switchgear recruiter seeking exceptional talent.

Positions we place

  • Inside and Outside Sales
  • Purchasing, Pricing, and Project Leadership
  • Branch Management
  • Lighting, Switchgear, and Automation Specialists
  • COO
  • Operations Leadership
  • CEO
  • Switchgear / Transformers Quotations
  • Sales Leadership

Meet your switchgear recruiters

Brooke Ziolo

President / Executive Recruiter
Lighting | Lighting Design | Lighting Controls

(847) 307-7127 bz@egretconsulting.com
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Pati Kelly

Executive Recruiter / Senior Partner
Wire & Cable | Tools | Cable Harnesses

847-307-7128 pk@egretconsulting.com
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Rob Wieska

Executive Recruiter / Senior Partner
Power Distribution | Automation & Renewables Technologies

(847) 307-7129 rw@egretconsulting.com

Pete San Juan

Executive Recruiter
Lighting Distributors

847-305-3146 ps@egretconsulting.com

Meet your switchgear recruiters

Being one of the top Switchgear Recruiters in the market, Egret Consulting boasts a team of headhunters who have skillfully developed an ever-growing network of industry contacts within the electrical sector. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, we have established ourselves as reputable specialists dedicated to this particular field.

Our team’s expertise lies in their in-depth comprehension of electrical distribution and its fundamental roles. We have dedicated considerable resources towards acquiring knowledge about the multifaceted and fiercely competitive nature of this industry and identifying the caliber of individuals who excel in it. As switchgear recruiters, we possess an unparalleled understanding of the requirements and nuances of this specialized field.