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Finding Qualified Talent

Hiring Advice

Every hiring manager has a problem to solve. The need could be the result of retirement, building bench strength, budgeted growth plans, or replacing an underperforming team member or one that has moved on. Regardless, the position needs to be filled by a candidate that is a professional fit for the role, and equally important, one that is a strong cultural fit for your organization. You need them to flourish on and with your team. Sure, you can post your open position on job boards and receive hundreds of applicants and perhaps a handful will work in the industry. Nevertheless, most will not be qualified for your role and they will have no experience your industry. Perhaps a handful will work in the industry but aren’t qualified for your role. You will spend countless hours (which translates into wasted time and money) sorting through resumes and talking to people who cannot solve your problem. If you are lucky, you may get one that you can hire. Are you seeking to ‘get lucky’ in filling this crucial need? A better approach is to align yourself with an industry specific, professional recruiter. One that understands your product(s), how you go to market, who your competitors are, and will understand the specific problems that you need the candidate to solve.  Your ‘industry expert’ recruiter is well connected with the people in YOUR industry vertical and ultimately will qualify anywhere from 50 – 200 people (depending on the position). In the end, you will get the best 3 or 4 candidates for your position. Sometimes (especially with highly technical roles) it may be as few as 1 or 2. Regardless, this is the ‘less is more’ approach. You will receive quality candidates, fully vetted and qualified to fit the specifications of your role, both professionally and culturally. Don’t fall into the ‘we need to see more’ before we can make an offer trap. Remember…that’s already been done for you. Focus on who is in front of you – the qualified candidate that can solve your problem while achieving success for you and your organization.