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Are you the Tortoise or the Hare when it comes to job hopping?

We have all heard the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, slow and steady wins the race and that can be true in your career too!  A report from 2014 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that between 1998-2011, individuals age 18-26 held an average of six jobs for men and 6.3 jobs for women.

Being labeled as a job hopper should be a concern since it can reflect on your character, maturity and value.   Your future employer does consider return on investment when hiring.  It can take months of training to get you up to speed only to have you run to a competitor as soon as you receive a better offer.

For most people, finding a rewarding career is not always a one company path and there is definitely a need for commitment.   Employers do need a good understanding as to why you left a company and if the reason is legitimate.  Make sure you consider all the pros and cons before you leave a job for a bright shiny new one……remember slow and steady! Good luck running the career race and contact Egret Consulting Group if you need help along the way.

Pati Kelly is a contingent and retained recruiter exclusive to the electrical industry with a specialty in Wire and Cable. To learn more about how she can help your company identify and attract talent send her an email at