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Note to Self: Get Out of My Own Way

Candidate Advice

I attended an inspiring recruiters conference a few years ago and walked away with a new mindset that’s stuck with me, although some days more than others. It’s simple: stop holding yourself back. At some point, we all fall into a rut and/or start skipping steps. Yet, your rookie training is what lead you to where you are today. In my 10 years at Egret, the last 2 years were my best, since returning from that conference. How did I achieve this? By returning to the basics. Follow the process, stop the internet distractions and readopt the basics.

At the conference, one of the presenters compared working to exercise, the new philosophy in exercise is high intensity intervals, which should be mirrored in our work life. Another speaker said checking your phone and/or computer after every notification lowers your production! We are typically interrupted 6 minutes into a task and it takes us 30 minutes to refocus and 80% of those interruptions are of little or no value. Protect your time; set certain times throughout the day to check notifications and stop holding yourself back.

Brooke Ziolo

President / Executive Recruiter | Lighting | Lighting Design | Lighting Controls