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Industry Commentary

Employees generally leave companies for a better opportunity.  They may want to work with a more collaborative team, develop their skills, help grow another company, increase responsibility, change geography and/or increase their salary.

Our recruiters are experts in the electrical industry and know the job market for the verticals we serve. What a Product Manager earns in lighting may differ from power distribution. We understand the criteria for a candidate to leave their job to join another company.  Salary may not be the primary factor, but it can be extremely disappointing if an offer is made below expectations.  Make sure you know your budget and are transparent from the beginning. We certainly have the knowledge to assist you when it comes time to make an offer to the perfect candidate!

Our firm has been tracking salaries since 2010.  Below is salary information from 2010–2015, 2016–2019 and 2020.  Keep in mind the following may have an impact on the ranges:  geography, years of experience, territory’s revenue, size of company, etc.


Power Distribution – Outside Sales

2010 – 2015 2016 – 2019 2020
Average $111,012 $127,897 $132,000
Median $105,000 $125,000 $125,000


Wire & Cable – Regional Sales Managers

2010 – 2015 2016 – 2019 2020
Average $113,161 $124,821 $123,042
Median $115,000 $120,000 $110,000


Lighting Manufacturing – Regional Sales Managers

2010 – 2015 2016 – 2019 2020
Average $97,168 $116,484 $122,656
Median $91,000 $115,000 $122,500