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Employees leave companies for one reason: a better opportunity. Depending on an individual’s situation, a better opportunity can mean anything. A person may quit because they want to work with a more collaborative team, develop their skills, help grow another company, increase responsibility, change geography and sometimes…increase salary.

We’re experts in the Electrical Industry. We understand the job market for every vertical we serve. What a product manager earns in lighting may differ from one’s salary in power distribution. We know and understand the criteria for a candidate to leave their current role to join another company.

Our firm has been tracking salaries since 2010 and will provide salary information between 2010 – 2015 and 2016 – 2019. Salaries in lighting, wire & cable and power distribution manufacturing for a few positions are as follows:





When reviewing the above salary, be mindful that the ranges of salaries presented depend on a few attributes i.e. geography, years of experience, seniority of position, territory’s revenue, size of company, etc.

Much to consider when offering a candidate a job. Salary may not be the primary factor in a job change; but the offer must at least match their monetary expectations. We’ve seen it too many times this year…A company is fully aware of the needed salary for the candidate to move but when it comes time to make the offer, it’s below the candidate’s expectations. A candidate will not consider an offer below what they asked. An employee is more than their salary; it’s an investment in your company’s future. Secure talent with a timely hiring process and a quality offer.

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Note: Due to new legislation, Egret Consulting no longer asks a candidate’s current salary. Candidate’s must willingly offer their salary history. Here’s the current states and cities with salary ban laws: