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Attracting Candidates to Your Company

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As recruiters, we speak to candidates all day, every day, and even sometimes when we are home with our families. The job never stops. With each call we continue to learn more about what the candidate wants and expects in their next career move. Candidates can be picky, and they should be. Similarly, our clients can and should be just as picky when deciding on talent. So what attracts great talent? A simple guess about what factors are attractive to a candidate could actually make you lose out on some great people or result in attracting the wrong people.
You Can’t Catch Fish with Chocolate
I love chocolate and chances are you might like it too. But not everyone likes it, especially fish. Similar with candidates, you can’t attract your ideal targets without the right bait. Finding the right bait forces the question…. what are the factors that get the attention and then draw in a candidate? You wouldn’t go into a marketing campaign without first methodically identifying what attracts a customer. Yet, it’s rare to find a company that has a formal process for accurately identifying these must-have job attraction factors.
Put your Sherlock Holmes Hat On
The great fictional Mr. Holmes once said “ There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” And he couldn’t be more correct. The facts are not hard to find. Matter-of-fact, many of your answers are right in front of you with recent new hires, candidates, and even your recruiters. They all hold the information you need.
New Hires- Interview or send a survey out to your new hires asking them what attracted them to your company or any other company they may have previously interviewed with. Ask what specifically has the most influence on their final decisions.
Candidates- Ask those who are currently interviewing if you could email them an anonymous survey about the hiring process and what is most important to them when choosing a company to work for.
Recruiters- If you have a go-to recruiter that you use, they could be a great resource for better understanding what candidates want and need from a potential employer. Recruiters speak with candidates all day and hear everything from wanting higher pay to simply wanting a supportive manager. Send them an email or give them a quick call, they will more than likely be thrilled to share this information with you.
According to a study done by SAP, the average employee wants the following:
Competitive Salary

Bonuses or merit based rewards

Retirement plans

Training programs

Flexible work location

Vacation time

Healthcare & Family benefit plans

Flex schedules



Modern technology

Workplace amenities

Access to social media at work

Final Thought
Remember that you can’t catch fish with the wrong bait. It’s a simple fact with big ramifications if you decide that your bait is just fine. With each generation we usher in a new mindset, new ideas and new technology which often has an effect on a person’s expectations. It’s time to make candidate market research an essential part of your plan.