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Branding – Part 2

Candidate Advice

Part 2: Candidates, Branding Yourself to Ensure a Solid Job Offer

Similar to Part 1: Branding Your Company to Attract Top Talent, candidates also have the opportunity to “brand” themselves.  Here are 3 things to focus on:

1) Prepare for the interview! I can’t stress this enough. Fully review the company’s website and the LinkedIn profiles for each person you will be interviewing with. Prepare a strong answer to why a company should hire you over the other candidates; what sets you apart from your peers. Be enthusiastic and ask for the job!

2) Respond in a timely manner, within 1 – 2 days. In part one of branding, I suggested a max of 1 week; but it’s crucial on the candidate side to be within that 1 – 2 day time frame because candidates typically have more competition. This includes confirmations on scheduling interviews, giving your recruiter feedback after an interview, responding to offers, etc. Delays in the process can signify many things; such as you’re not serious about the position, you have trouble making decisions and it will be assumed that carries forward if you are an employee, etc.

3) Think through the face to face interview. If the company asks you to book the trip, make reservations that same day and send your recruiter or the company your itinerary and receipts. If the company is booking the trip, provide all needed information to book a flight; such as which airport you fly out of, preferred flight times, your date of birth and the spelling of your name as it appears on your driver’s license or passport. If the trip requires a hotel stay, keep time available in case they want to take you to dinner. If the position requires relocation, research which areas you would like to tour as prospective housing.

Each meeting and every person is an opportunity to show how great you are. This is a small industry and you may certainly cross paths again in the future. If you aren’t given or reject an offer, leave a positive impression; continuously brand yourself.

Brooke Ziolo