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How to Encourage Growth Through Industry Changes

Industry Commentary

The search for qualified talent in the electrical industry is more difficult than ever.

As growth continues in distributed energy, distributed energy resources, distributed generation, microgrids, energy storage, and distribution automation; along with IoT and IIoT influences in electrical and electronic power generation components and automation controls…savvy and qualified talent is a must.

Working with a professional recruiter, specialized in the electrical industry, is the best way to find talent.

My expertise is power distribution, automation technologies (including generation products, smart grid, building automation and controls manufacturers) and renewables (including wind, solar, battery technologies and other emerging technologies).

I speak with our industry’s leaders every day. In doing so, it allows me to have my finger on the pulse of industry trends, conditions and technology.

I understand your products, your competition, channel strategies and how and where to find the talent that fits your needs. I can find candidates that closely match your open positions and have or can establish relationships with the hard-to-find talent that won’t be on job boards.  As an industry expert, I identify, attract and land the best talent for each search I recruit for.

I thoroughly vet each presented candidate and will only provide you with the top candidates to interview. Not only does this save your company time and money, but it ensures you are only meeting with the best of the best.

The electrical industry is rapidly changing.  If you want to attract the best talent in a market, in which candidates are more selective than ever in considering opportunities, you need to align yourself with a professional recruiter that is an industry expert.  Give me a call today to discuss your needs and challenges and review my approach to recruitment within the electrical industry.

Rob Wieska is a contingent and retained recruiter exclusive to the electrical industry with a specialty in Power Distribution and Building Automation in addition to general Electrical Product Manufacturing. To learn more about how he can help your company identify and attract talent, check out his LinkedIn profile or send him an email at