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The demand for cybersecurity talent continues to grow in the ever-evolving digital world, and at Egret Consulting, we understand attracting top cybersecurity talent is crucial. Trust us to identify the skills your organization needs. As cyberattacks on energy infrastructure continue to escalate, we know attackers can gain access to control systems, networks, processes, and resources, making it vital to hire the best cybersecurity talent to maintain privacy and security to handle sensitive data. We work in all areas of Cybersecurity, including Critical Infrastructure, Application Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, AI, and IoT Security, as well as focus on IT (Hardware and Software), Embedded Software, and IoT / IIoT Technologies.

Positions we place

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CSO
  • CISO
  • CTO
  • General Managers
  • IT – Individual contributor (all tiers) to VP-level leadership
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Specialists
  • Blue Team / Red Team Members
  • Software Developer / Engineer
  • Data Analyst

Meet your Cyber Security Recruiter

Colin Wieska

Executive Recruiter
Cybersecurity | IT | Lighting | Power | Automation

(847) 327-0018

Meet your cybersecurity recruiting team

Egret Consulting is your partner for cybersecurity and IT needs. Our established and expanding recruiting network is unparalleled, helping your organization locate, vet, and acquire the executive leadership needed to secure its most vital digital resource. We have painstakingly developed our processes, earning a strong reputation for providing the best talent the cybersecurity industry has to offer.