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Colin Wieska

Executive Recruiter | Cyber Security & Lighting Controls

Colin joined Egret in 2022 focusing on Cyber Security, Embedded Software, Controls, and IoT / IIoT Technologies.

Prior to joining our team, Colin was a Computer Science major at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, where he also was a catcher on their baseball team that won the Midwest Conference Championship in 2022. Colin’s educational background had an emphasis on cyber security, programming, data science, data structures, and statistics. This background allows him to have a technical understanding of providing solutions while understanding the applications.

With the growing demand for Cybersecurity talent, understanding and addressing the demands from customers, regulators, and agencies will be paramount. Whether it be a risk management program or leveraging cyber risk qualification to enable decision-making, understanding how to attract top Cyber Security talent is crucial. Electric utilities are digitizing operations and increasing the interconnectedness of their systems. Cyber-attacks on energy infrastructure are escalating and government mandates to address the problem are on the rise. Every company should have a form of Cybersecurity. Attackers can gain access to control systems, networks, resources, and processes. This leads to outages, damaged equipment, and threats to safety. With IoT and IIoT technologies emerging, and more connected devices being used, there will be more Cyber-attacks. Organizations must protect data, personal information, and infrastructure, both onsite and remote.

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Specialty Areas

  • Cyber Security
  • IoT / IIoT
  • Embedded Software
  • Lighting Controls
  • IT