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Industrial Automation Recruiting

As the commercial industrial landscape continues to become increasingly connected and collaborative, Automation Technologies have witnessed tremendous growth. We leverage our industry knowledge to identify and attract the top talent possessing technical product expertise in industrial automation applications, including, but not limited to, variable frequency drives and drive systems, sensors, motion control, motors, SCADA, industrial connectivity, systems integration, electronic control systems, and low and medium voltage power generation products.

Positions we place

  • CEO
  • COO
  • General Manager
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Sales – Individual Contributor to VP Level
  • Marketing – Individual Contributor to VP Level
  • Operations – Individual Contributor to VP Level
  • Engineering – Individual Contributor to VP Level

Meet your industrial automation recruiter team

Rob Wieska

Executive Recruiter / Senior Partner
Power Distribution | Automation & Renewables Technologies

(847) 307-7129

Colin Wieska

Executive Recruiter
Cybersecurity | IT | Lighting | Power | Automation

(847) 327-0018

Meet your industrial automation recruiter team

As industrial automation recruiters, our team of experts in the automation and electrical industry recruitment has devoted countless years to building an extensive database of exclusive contracts within the field. Through decisive and effective action, we have established ourselves as dedicated experts within the industry and earned a strong reputation among our peers.

Our greatest asset lies in our ability to comprehend the intricate relationships that define the electrical industry, including the nuances of channel partnerships, established companies, and emerging players. By understanding the complexity of this industry, we are better equipped to connect skilled professionals with the companies that need them the most.