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The demand for skilled IT professionals is surging, and as your leading IT headhunter, Egret Consulting recognizes the importance of acquiring the top-notch experts in the field. We are committed to identifying the executives your organization needs to stay ahead in the game. With security breaches becoming increasingly common on energy networks and infrastructure, it has become imperative to employ the finest IT talent who can safeguard the confidentiality and sensitivity of critical data. Count on us to help you recruit the best and brightest minds in the industry.

As an IT headhunter, Egret Consulting has an in-depth understanding of the skill sets required for embedded hardware and software engineering in your organization. We possess comprehensive knowledge of ARM processors, logic analyzers, reading schematics, embedded application development, communication protocols, and control software, and we excel at coding, testing, and debugging both in the factory and field. Our focus includes a wide range of specialties, such as Product Development, FPGA Programming, Embedded User Interface Design, Firmware Programming, Embedded Device Connectivity, Embedded Systems Platforms, Embedded Motor Control, Embedded Linux Development, and Embedded Safety Controllers.

Positions we place

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CTO
  • CISO
  • General Manager
  • Product Maangers
  • IT – Individual contributor (all tiers) to VP-level leadership
  • Blue Team / Red Team
  • Security Engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Data Analysts

Meet your IT headhunter

Colin Wieska

Executive Recruiter
Cybersecurity | IT | Lighting | Power | Automation

(847) 327-0018

Meet your IT headhunter

Egret Consulting collaborates with companies to meet their IT requirements – and we take pride in our well-established and growing network of IT headhunters who are adept at identifying, evaluating, and sourcing the right top-level executives who can safeguard your organization’s most valuable digital assets. Our processes are refined, earning us a reputation for delivering the highest caliber of IT professionals.